CEED Experience





Interactive, non-ex-cathedra CEED format that engages the audience to co-create the content of the conference with sharing and opening questions we normally don’t want to talk about.

When we came up with the idea to gather regional leaders and boundary breakers were sure that we didn’t want to make an ordinary presentation vise gathering. We wanted to embed our CEED Experience and initiate something that is scarcely found in conference formats. We wanted honest experiences sharing in interactive environment from every speaker and attendee at the conference.But it was hard to wrap our heads around the idea that some of the biggest names in the startup ecosystem of this region will be pleased to answer to our invitation that said:

“Your knowledge and expertise are much needed for the entire community. Please come if you honestly want to share them.”

Fortunately enough we gathered 300 entrepreneurs and founders that with their stories provoked engagement through sharing weaknesses and strengths in order to learn from each other. The interactive formats made this conference one of its kind!

Lessons learned


Jaka Levstek, D.Labs

Jaka put his 9 year experience of working with more than 50 worl class companies to present how his laboratory perceives entrepreneurship today.

He went through their pivots and scaleups to the ever growing mantras of todays imperative growth.

If there is one mantra, that doesn’t have a downside is: GET PEERS TO HELP.

Growth: Doing Things That Don't Scale

Guillaume Moubeche, Lemlist; Andraž Logar, 3fs; Tosho Trajanov, Adeva Facilitated by Danijela Divac, Digital Product Consultant

By testing, failing, learning and delighting your first customers, this is your only growth strategy to product-market fit. Tips and tricks that played a big role in their stories, one of the main one-customers.

As Guillaume put it

The closer you are with your customers the better you learn to listen, the better your business will get.

How and When to Scale

Marko Guček, GoOpti; Faris Zacina, Ministry of Programming Facilitated by Ali Karbassi, We All Code

The panel opens with their most recent screw ups and evolves into the lessons that these gentlemen have learned.

Honestly speaking about the down times and and sharing their best advice.


Learn from the people that went through the same things that you are going through.

The Founder's Dilemma: Control or Wealth?

Boštjan Troha, Zootfly

Pinching with questions and explaining how the Founder’s Syndrome affects the future scale or fail of one company.  Do you want to pursue wealth or control? Poor king or rich peasant? Both are legitimate.

The more successful you are, the quicker you have to relinquish your CEO position.

Provoked enough? Listen to the entire talk.

Problems Founders Don't Want To Talk About

Ellen Rogin, Leadership Coach; David Henzel, MaxCDN & TaskDrive; Tilen Travnik, D.Labs

How to deal with issues like anxiety and time management when you are overwhelmed with your company’s goals.

Tilen, Ellen and David share their best advice on the issues that every entrepreneur skillfully hides to face.

Building World-Class Teams

Boštjan Bregar, Loop Email; Nenad Cubrinovski, InPlayer; Luka Abrus, Five; Urška Sršen, Bellabeat Inc.

Sharing what they have learned about themselves and the right approaches in order to build teams that go through ups and downs together. Concluding on points that every founder needs to manage like the one that Boštijan pointed out

What is really crucial to ask is Do you and your team really share and align with the outcome you want to achieve?

How David does Business with Goliath?

David A. Rosen, TechX Foundry

Dsavid has been long enough in the game to know how to find opportunities in growth markets. He shared some of the most insightful ones.

How To Become a Market Leader

Igor Bogicevic, Seven Bridges Genomics; Matej Košmrlj, Nicelabel and Uroš Čimžar, DHH

The idea of going global and the challenges that you immediately are faced with.

Explained from experiencing themselves Bogičevič, Košmrlj and Čimžar shared who to strategies to ease the pains of future global entrepreneurs.

Investors Talk

Gregor Rebolj, Klika, Kyuriosity & Silicon Gardens Fund; Thomas Smale, FE International; Jure Mikuž, South Central Ventures Facilitated by Karlo Kukec, Tech_Park Varaždin

Scale and growth, bootstrapping or funding? The stories behind and ideas that guide these investors in seeing new opportunities when it comes to startups.

What do they notice about one team, idea and the endless pitches that they have heard.

The Story about Exit

Damian Merlak, Bitstamp Exchange & Tokens

Damian talked about his part of the 300 million exit.

Challenges might be a lot bigger than they are expected, time is much slower and ideas are troubling your thinking.