CEED Experience

The conference will be carried out in an interactive, non-ex-cathedra CEED format through engaging the audience after each session, where you co-create the content of the conference with sharing and opening questions we normally don’t want to talk about.

Interactive formats like fireside chats and campfire sessions will keep you on your toes. We will ask for your feedback and insights and invite you to inquire into topics talked about. CEED experience is all about peer-peer sharing, where speakers and CEED mentors will guide you through interactive breaks where you will share your challenges and solutions in small groups. At CEED Slovenia we are continuously applying these methods within smaller groups of founders where they connect based on their business challenges and in the stage of the lifecycle they are in. CEED entrepreneurs are open to share what they don’t know and and engage in peer-to-peer sharing of experiences, fails and know-how to achieve breakthroughs in business and leadership. Register for CEED Experience kick-off event of the season!

Organizer: CEED Slovenia


Entrepreneurs at CEED develop themselves as leaders, build their companies and give back to the community. They are solving their challenges through peer-to-peer learning and indvidual sharing of experience. At CEED community events they network and get inspired by global founders and thought leaders.

CEED Slovenia engages more than 1000 entrepreneurs. Within our global community we connect 20.000 members. With the mission of establishing entrepreneurship as a positive value in the society we are creating an environment where founders and influencers get inspired and open their mindset.

CEED Slovenia

Global Learning Initiative

The mission of Global Learning Inititative is bringing know-how and best practices to Slovenia, in the areas that are new, future-oriented, and are the most needed in our entrepreneurship & business ecosystem.

We believe we need an inspiration and global know-how on a regular basis. We strive to empower founders and executives to make business and leadership breakthrough in their companies.

CEED Global Learning Initiative is a partnership with the most successful global entrepreneur-founded technology companies from Slovenia (Outfit7, Nicelabel, Cosylab, Celtra, Sportradar, D.Labs, Avantcar, GoOpti, 3FS, Parsek).

Last Global Learning Initiative speakers



Co-founder, Priceline

Jerry Colonna

Jerry Colonna

CEO & Founder, Reboot

Sean Ellis

Sean Ellis

Founder, growthackers.com

Andy Park

Andy Park

Operations Manager, Spotify



WorldChicago organizes a U.S. State Department supported Professional Fellows Program that offers founders & entrepreneur ecosystem leaders from BiH, Croatia, Macedonia and Slovenia a 5-week exchange program to explore and learn from fellow companies/organizations in Chicago. Mentors from fellowship organizations will join us as speakers at the conference.


Catalyze is an alumni network of 100 emerging leaders – entrepreneurs, leaders in innovation, entrepreneurship and business supporting organizations, private companies or universities from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Macedonia and Slovenia who experienced Tech Innovation and Entrepreneurship Professional Fellows Program in Chicago.