Day 1 - The Conference:

September 6th, 17.00-20.00

16:30 - 17:00


17:00 - 18:20

Just Evil Enough

Rethink Marketing for the Attention Economy


It's Getting Better All the Time - Using Growth Frameworks to Improve Your Company (and Life)

What small steps can you change on a day-day basis that will support your vision for future growth?


Shrinking an Organization to Grow a Business

Addition by subtraction is the most frequently overlooked growth strategy, but keeping an organization lean and its processes fresh is one of the most direct ways to grow.


Gaining competitive advantage by leveraging the power of AI

Now is the time to harness this power to use it for your business growth and success, regardless of business size or industry. Let's see how AI revolutionises various industries today and what we can expect in the near future.



18:30 - 20:00

Sustainability for Every Company — How to build impact into your company?

Profit-driven mindset alone in entrepreneurship is out and we’re nearly at the point of no return. Can there be a mission without a margin? How to put impact at the core of the business through revenue, team and leadership, and still grow?

Fireside Chat

Moderated by: Anuška Beltram, co-founder, STA Travel, Nomago & GUD

Reimagining the Future

Trends, predictions and how to best prepare for the future

Panel with speakers

Moderated by: Marko Perme, co-founder & CEO, Agilcon

20.00 - 22.00


Participation fee is covered by the Startup Plus program. Join us!