Day 2 - Peer-Peer Meetups:

September 7th: 9.00 - 14.00

9:00 - 11: 00, Parallel Peer-Peer Meetups 1 & 2

Peer-Peer Group 1: for founders raising capital

Getting Your Startup Funded: Bridging the gap between European founders and U.S. investors

Speedy access to huge funding capital, bigger startup ecosystem and pivoting mindset from revenue to growth is what U.S. is offering. Where to start and what to prove? Investors are ready to share the dirty details.

Moderated by: Tilen Travnik, co-founder & CEO of Juicy Marbles & co-founder of d.labs

Peer-Peer Group 2: for founders & growth marketers

User Acquisition is dead. Long live User Acquisition.

Growth Marketing trends in the age of iOS 14.5+, Instagram influencers and TikTok creators - how will these key trends affect how you’ll get more new users? What to look out for in user acquisition in the near future.

Moderated by: Jernej Pavlič, co-founder & CEO of BigHeadLab

12:00 - 14: 00, Parallel Peer-Peer Meetups 3 & 4

Peer-Peer Group 3: for founders, CEOs, CTOs & Engineering Managers, ...

The Power of Engineering Talent

How to Attract, Lead, Develop and Retain Engineers in a Distributed World

Moderated by: Alja Gajšek, Program Director at CEED Slovenia

Peer-Peer Group 4: for founders & marketers

Cutting Through The Noise Of An Attention Economy

Companies need to stop churning out content and start hacking attention. Most entrepreneurs spend too much time thinking about the product and not enough time figuring out how to make people care. 'Product market fit' is an illusive goal, but with the right mindset and by thinking subversively, startups can tilt the playing field in their favour, even when up against market leaders.

Moderated by: Matic Užmah, co-founder & CEO of LibreBeat & Official SaaStock Leader

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